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Flash MX Design for TV and Video

This book is about how to get Flash MX animation out to video, television, and other video-based mediums,
such as DVD. We also consider the notion of broadcast quality and explore ways to achieve it, both
technically and creatively.

Since Version 2, Macromedia Flash has had the capability to export to video. It wasn't long before
people began to experiment with transferring their Web animation to videotape and many have been
successful. Now the wave is building.

Flash has revolutionized animation on the Web, and now it's revolutionizing the traditional animation
world. It's a tool that traditional animators are embracing to help them streamline their production
process for many types of animation. So as we explore the theories and techniques of producing
broadcast-quality Flash animation, we'll also get a behind-the-scenes look at cutting-edge creative and
production work from both online and traditional animation studios.

Flash MX Design for TV and Video is a guide and reference that introduces the most important aspects of
authoring for broadcast television in Flash MX, using current techniques and methods. After reading the
book, you will have a good general understanding of how television animation is created, how to adapt
that process to Flash, and the main step-by-step methods used to create television-quality Flash animation.
You will also learn what pitfalls to avoid and where to find additional resources on Flash, animation,
and television production.
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