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Force.com Developer Certification Handbook (DEV401)


When migrating to the new wave of cloud-based applications, we now think about business logic, we think about automating processes, and we think about how we can make the systems better. Force.com is a cloud-based platform that is used to build and deploy enterprise applications on the cloud with minimum coding. Demand for Force.com experts is growing rapidly and companies look for certified professionals. This books comes in handy when you are seeking to clear the Salesforce.com Certified Force.com Developer exam.

The Force.com Developer Certification Handbook is a practical guide for you to become a Salesforce.com Certified Force.com Developer. This book will help you to impress your colleagues with excellent Force.com skills, and prepare for the Dev 401 certification exam. From building applications to automating business processes everything is covered from the certification perspective, and you will gain hands-on expertise with the step-by-step approach of this book.

Force.com Developer Certification Handbook will help you build and deploy a complete application on Force.com by using point and click. With this book you will learn to create and manage custom objects and their data. You will build the user interface for your applications and automate your business process by using workflows and approvals .

This definitive certification guide provides a disciplined approach to be adopted for successfully clearing the DEV 401 exam, which gives you an edge over Force.com developers who are not certified. Each chapter contains ample practice questions at the end.

What you will learn from this book

  • Create data objects and become familiar with the type of fields required to store data
  • Build a custom Force.com application including page layouts, fields, and tabs
  • Automate complex business processes using workflows and approvals
  • Perform data operation on chunks of data using data loader
  • Build scalable cloud-based applications for multiple users and learn to share data with them based on their position
  • Understand the administrative capabilities of the Force.com platform and other useful functionalities that can be achieved using point and click, without writing a line of code
  • Quickly build completely scalable and working applications on the famous Force.com platform


A practical guide that will help you discover fundamentals for building applications on Force.com without writing a single line of code. If you are new to the Force.com platform and want to learn from scratch, it is advisable that you begin with the first chapter and move on to the last. However, if you are familiar with Force.com and want to understand in detail some aspect of it, you can dip into any chapter. Each certification module is covered in a separate chapter, and is accompanied by questions being asked in the exams.

Who this book is written for

Developers who need to prepare for the Salesforce.com Certified Force.com Developer exam will benefit from this book. This book is ideal for developers who are new to Salesforce CRM and the Force.com platform. It would be advantageous if readers have some familiarity with Salesforce applications and have basic HTML and XML skills. By the end of the book, you will be ready to appear for the exam and develop various applications on the cloud platform.

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