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Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Image Effects (Foundations)


Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Image Effects discusses the ins and outs of graphical manipulation through code of all the different elements available in a Flash project, from vectors to bitmaps to videos, from animated text effects to dynamic video filters. Flash 8 introduced a vast array of image features, such as blend modes and filters as well as ActionScript's powerful BitmapData object, and this book covers all those effects in their current CS4 form, as well as the new graphical options that are available, such as the Pixel Bender Toolkit. It also details the many possible effects that can be achieved and the associated practical applications, with a focus on strong OOP methodologies to make the code more modular and reusable across projects.

  • Gives detailed information on all of the image manipulation abilities of Flash CS4
  • Covers complex technology, such as the Pixel Bender Toolkit
  • There is no other book like it, covering the same topics in as much depth

What you'll learn

  • Practice image manipulation using modular, object-oriented techniques
  • Includes a comprehensive library of image effects classes
  • Explore the bitmap manipulation classes in depth
  • Applicable to most if not all of the Flash "disciplines"
  • Provides a multitude of practical examples, not just theory
  • Learn the new Pixel Bender language

Who is this book for?

This book is a great resource for any reader with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of ActionScript developing Flash games, applications and interfaces, animations or Websites, as the effects detailed are applicable across multiple disciplines. If you understand the best practices OOP syntax and know how to manipulate a Flash movie beyond the basics, you will be able to pick up the book and apply its lessons in your own work, as it clearly points out how the effects discussed have practical applications for amateurs and professionals alike.

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