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Foundation Dreamweaver MX

Foundation Dreamweaver MX, 9781590591970 (1590591976), Friends of Ed, 2003

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX merges the faultless visual layout tools of Dreamweaver and the powerful yet easy-to-use database integration offered by UltraDev into a product that is simply the most vital piece of software any web designer can own.

Unlike many other books, Foundation Dreamweaver MX concentrates on both sides of this alliance, looking to the future. No matter what your background, this book will give you a solid foundation in graphic design and layout issues as well as a full grounding in the powerful database integration features that Dreamweaver MX offers.

The truth is that database integration is no more of an extra in today's climate than faultless visual design, and this book is here to guide you through this new world, covering dynamic scripting with PHP and the popular MySQL database.

This book is suitable for both PC and Mac (OS X needed) platforms.

Whether a complete novice or a past user, after reading this book, youll be fluent in the full breadth of Dreamweaver MX's powerful functionality, a unique learning curve backed up by solid real-world case studies and tutorials.

What this book covers:

  • Site design and layout principles
  • Using templates and Cascading Style Sheets to create advanced site designs
  • Adding interactivity to pages with script
  • Setting up PHP and MySQL to create powerful dynamic database-driven applications

Dreamweaver MX makes this all possible, and Foundation Dreamweaver MX makes it easier than you could have imagined.

December 2002: Macromedia has released an update, available for download, which addresses a number of issues in Dreamweaver MX, including compatibity with Macromedia Contribute.

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