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FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide (With CD-ROM)


"FreeBSD has been the secret weapon of serious network administrators for many years now and this book should provide a welcome introduction to those who have yet to discover it for themselves."
--Jordan Hubbard, Co-founder, The FreeBSD Project

FreeBSD is the engine that runs on some of today's largest Internet servers, such as Yahoo!, Microsoft's Hotmail, and Walnut Creek. The power, flexibility, and cost effectiveness of FreeBSD make it the preferred server platform of many corporate networks, including networks in which the Windows OS predominates.

The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide provides practical instructions for using FreeBSD to serve a largely Windows corporate network. Written for network managers and administrators, this book shows how FreeBSD and Windows can coexist and interoperate on the same network with few problems, and it reveals how to maximize FreeBSD's many advantages for optimal network performance.

The book contains an overview of FreeBSD serving a Windows network and a step-by-step FreeBSD installation guide. Key network server topics--system administration, Internet connectivity, Web servers, fileserving, printserving, and e-mail--are addressed in depth. You will read about specific topics, such as:

  • The FreeBSD user interface versus the Windows user interface
  • Dual booting of Windows NT and FreeBSD
  • DNS, DHCP, and TCP/IP on the corporate LAN
  • FreeBSD installation phases, X installation, PPP installation, and disk configuration
  • FreeBSD environment setup, backups, logs, and other system administrative tasks
  • Migrating password files, UNIX equivalents of DOS commands, and some Windows-to-UNIX issues
  • Internet security, proxy serving, and FreeBSD routers
  • The Apache Web server, Windows Web publishing tools, and the vi HTML tool
  • Fileserving with Samba-SMB and NetBIOS protocols, browsing, and passwords
  • Setting up LPR on Windows clients and FreeBSD
  • Managing the UNIX printserver queue
  • Installing Sendmail on FreeBSD
  • Connecting a mailserver to the Internet

In addition, The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide highlights FreeBSD's many technical advantages, the history and rationale behind its development, and its relationship to Linux. The author's Web site for this book, which includes sample code, working examples, and a Q&A forum, is located at www.freebsd-corp-net-guide.com. The CD that comes with this book contains the base FreeBSD 4.2 operating system for the Intel i386 platform, including installer and bootable CD-ROM support. The disk also contains XFree86 3.3.6 for FreeBSD, and several hundred of the most popular third-party packages for FreeBSD.

About the Author

Ted Mittelstaedt is the Network Operations Center Director at Internet Partners, Inc., in Portland, Oregon. Previously, he was the IS Manager at Portland Software, Senior Developer at Computers Plus, and Senior Systems Administrator at Symantec. He has been using FreeBSD commercially since its initial release. A well-known expert, Mittelstaedt writes networking articles for Computer Bits magazine, wrote most of the FAQs for sendmail, and frequently contributes to the Usenet newsgroup--comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc.
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