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Getting Started with NativeScript


Explore the possibility of building truly native, cross-platform mobile applications using your JavaScript skill―NativeScript!

About This Book

  • Save your marketing time by building for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms simultaneously
  • Be an ace at utilizing the features of NativeScript and its ability to communicate with each of the host device libraries natively
  • Proficiently, build your fully cross-platform communication application exhibiting the fundamentals of NativeScript

Who This Book Is For

If you are a JavaScript developer and want to build cross-platform applications, then this book is just the right one for you!

What You Will Learn

  • Install and compile your application in NativeScript
  • Get important know-how on the NativeScript project structure
  • Develop and style your screens for multiple platforms
  • Create a full-featured cross-platform communication application
  • Import and use several third-party components
  • Simplify and deal with device resolution and cross-platform issues
  • Test and deploy your application

In Detail

NativeScript allows you to build a fast cross-platform application that has a native UI. NativeScript is a true cross-platform framework that generates native speed applications using the native components of the host platform, all using JavaScript. Although NativeScript allows you to build your application in JavaScript, you have full access to the host OS from your code, allowing you to easily tweak or use new platform features instantly at native code speeds.

Whether you have already developed multiple applications or zero applications, this book will help you to develop your next application in a cross-platform framework quickly, saving you a massive amount of time and money.

This book concisely shows you NativeScript's built-in framework that allows you to rapidly develop a fully-working compiled cross-platform application in just a few chapters. It starts by laying the foundation of NativeScript and working through the fundamentals to create a basic shell of the application. Moving on, you'll see how to build a full-fledged application step by step. We'll show you how to use plugins, and how to communicate with the native OS libraries easily so that you can customize your application as if your app was created in Java or Objective C. We then deal with the issues that arise from being cross platform and compensate for the different screen sizes, screen resolutions, and device abilities. Finally, we progress to testing and deploying your app.

Style and approach

A stepwise guide for building cross-platform mobile applications with the help of easy-to-understand examples.

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