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Getting Started with SQL Server 2014 Administration


Optimize your database server to be fast, efficient, and highly secure using the brand new features of SQL Server 2014

About This Book

  • Design your SQL Server 2014 infrastructure by combining both onpremise and WindowsAzurebased technology
  • Implement the new InMemory OLTP database engine feature to enhance the performance of your transaction databases
  • This is a handson tutorial that explores the new features of SQL Server 2014 along with giving real world examples

Who This Book Is For

If you want to create an highly efficient database server then this book is for you. This book is for database professionals and system administrators who want to use the added features of SQL Server 2014 to create a hybrid environment, which is both highly available and allows you to get the best performance from your databases.

What You Will Learn

  • Design a SQL Server infrastructure combining on-premise servers and Windows Azure Storage
  • Create a backup strategy that allows you to store your SQL Server backup in the Windows Azure cloud
  • Improve database performance by using the In-Memory OLTP features
  • Implement the delayed durability feature to improve transaction latency
  • Use a cloud-based replica to build an AlwaysOn Availability Group
  • Learn the other enhancements and new features that can help improve database performance

In Detail

The release of SQL Server 2014 has brought with it some great new features and enhancements that database administrators can use to make their database servers faster, highly available, and protected from disaster. As the lines between on-premise and on-cloud based solutions become even more blurred, enterprise database applications such as SQL Server 2014 have evolved to allow DBAs to utilize both services to maintain their key service level agreements, ensuring that their important databases are always available. SQL Server 2014 has a strong focus on business intelligence, making it a vital tool if you are looking to improve the performance of your processes as a relational database professional.

Getting Started with SQL Server 2014 Administration will guide you through your first steps of learning SQL Server 2014 by introducing you to its new features and helping you create a hybrid environment, which is both highly available and allows you to get the best performance from your databases. This book is for anyone who wants to boost their database application performance to the next level.

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