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Google Business Solutions and Tools: 100 Success Secrets to Reach new customers, Enhance your website and Increase your productivity

Is your business indexed by Google? If not, you hardly exist online. Is your business advertising with Google AdWords? If not, you`re hardly advertising online.

With Google`s share at over 70% of the online advertising market, this book gets you started using Google as a business partner.

Learn how to get your website indexed by Google; optimize your site for Google rankings; make money with AdSense; and utilize cool Google tools, like Maps, Checkout, Analytics, and Google Answers.

In 100 easy to read Answers, Learn how to:

- Promote your business with AdWords, Google Maps business listings and Webmaster Central

- Improve your website with Analytics, Custom Search, AdSense and Checkout

- Get email and other business tools with Google Apps and Enterprise Search Solutions

If you are a Small website-only business, Small storefront business or Medium-to-large business this is book helps you get to grips with using Google products for your business type or business goals.

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Soft Computing in XML Data Management: Intelligent Systems from Decision Making to Data Mining
Soft Computing in XML Data Management: Intelligent Systems from Decision Making to Data Mining

Being the de-facto standard for data representation and exchange over the Web, XML (Extensible Markup Language) allows the easy development of applications that exchange data over the Web. This creates a set of data management requirements involving XML. XML and related standards have been extensively applied in many business, service, and...

JavaSpaces in Practice
JavaSpaces in Practice

This book shows developers how to use JavaSpaces to build practical, scalable, distributed systems. *The authors are pioneers in the use of JavaSpaces to build real systems that solve real problems. *It will increase the understanding of where JavaSpaces are applicable, and how to use them effectively within your system architecture. *Well...

Java EE 7 Development with WildFly
Java EE 7 Development with WildFly

Leverage the power of the WildFly application server from JBoss to develop modern Java EE 7 applications

About This Book

  • Develop Java EE 7 applications using the WildFly platform
  • Discover how to manage your WildFly production environment
  • A step-by-step tutorial guide to...

Field Geophysics
Field Geophysics
Although there are many different geophysical methods, small-scale surveys
all tend to be rather alike and involve similar, and sometimes ambiguous,
jargon. For example, the word base has three different common meanings,
and stacked and field have two each.

Measurements in geophysical surveys are made in the field but,
A Century of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, 1882-1982
A Century of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, 1882-1982

The book's text and many photographs introduce readers to the renowned teachers and researchers who are still well known in engineering circles.

Electrical engineering is a protean profession. Today the field embraces many disciplines that seem far removed from its roots in the telegraph, telephone, electric...

Slamming Spam : A Guide for System Administrators
Slamming Spam : A Guide for System Administrators

Real Anti-Spam Help for System Administrators

In Slamming Spam, two spam fighters show you how to fight backand win. Unlike most spam books, this one is written specifically for in-the-trenches system administrators: professionals who need...

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