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Google Cloud Platform for Developers: Build highly scalable cloud solutions with the power of Google Cloud Platform


Develop, deploy, and scale your applications with Google Cloud Platform

Key Features

  • Create and deploy your applications on Google Cloud Platform
  • Store and manage source code and debug Cloud-hosted apps with plugins and IDEs
  • Streamline developer workflows with tools for alerting and managing deployments

Book Description

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides autoscaling compute power and distributed in-memory cache, task queues, and datastores to write, build, and deploy Cloud-hosted applications.

With Google Cloud Platform for Developers, you will be able to develop and deploy scalable applications from scratch and make them globally available in almost any language. This book will guide you in designing, deploying, and managing applications running on Google Cloud. You’ll start with App Engine and move on to work with Container Engine, compute engine, and cloud functions. You’ll learn how to integrate your new applications with the various data solutions on GCP, including Cloud SQL, Bigtable, and Cloud Storage. This book will teach you how to streamline your workflow with tools such as Source Repositories, Container Builder, and StackDriver. Along the way, you’ll see how to deploy and debug services with IntelliJ, implement continuous delivery pipelines, and configure robust monitoring and alerting for your production systems.

By the end of this book, you’ll be well-versed with all the development tools of Google Cloud Platform, and you’ll develop, deploy, and manage highly scalable and reliable applications.

What you will learn

  • Understand the various service offerings on GCP
  • Deploy and run services on managed platforms such as App Engine and Container Engine
  • Securely maintain application states with Cloud Storage, Datastore, and Bigtable
  • Leverage StackDriver monitoring and debugging to minimize downtime and mitigate issues without impacting users
  • Design and implement complex software solutions utilizing Google Cloud
  • Integrate with best-in-class big data solutions such as Bigquery, Dataflow, and Pub/Sub

Who this book is for

Google Cloud Platform for Developers is for application developers. This book will enable you to fully leverage the power of Google Cloud Platform to build resilient and intelligent software solutions.

Table of Contents

  1. Why GCP
  2. The Google Cloud Console and Cloud Shell
  3. Command Line Tools, API Explorer, IAM, and Billing
  4. Google App Engine
  5. Google Container Engine
  6. Google Cloud Functions
  7. Google Compute Engine
  8. NoSQL with Datastore, Firestore, and Bigtable
  9. Relational Data with Cloud SQL and Cloud Spanner
  10. Google Cloud Storage
  11. StackDriver
  12. Change Management
  13. GCP Networking for Developers
  14. Messaging with Pub/Sub and IoT Core
  15. Integrating with Big Data Solutions on GCP
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