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Google Flutter Mobile Development Quick Start Guide: Get up and running with iOS and Android mobile app development


A fast-paced guide to get you started with cross-platform mobile application development with Google Flutter

Key Features

  • Understand the fundamentals of Flutter and get started with cross-platform mobile app development.
  • Learn about different widgets in Flutter and understand the concepts of Routing and Navigating.
  • Work with Platform specific code to use Native features and deploy your application on iOS and Android.

Book Description

Flutter is a cross-platform mobile application development framework. It uses the Dart programming language, which was created by Google, and aims to make development easier, faster, and more efficient. This book is going to be your guide, from introducing Flutter to successfully developing a cross platform application.

In the first few chapters, we will learn what Flutter is and how to get started with it. We will also take a dive into the widgets world, explore the widget catalog, and learn how to navigate through it. In the next few chapters, we will widen our horizon by learning about networking and accessibility with Flutter. We'll learn what Silvers are and how to use them, and we'll also learn how to use constraints and animations. Before we take a look at how to deploy our applications in Flutter, we will use Firebase for cloud messaging and remote configuration.

By the end of the book, you will have learned everything you need to know to get started with your journey of cross-platform mobile development with Flutter.

What you will learn

  • Take a tour through the widget catalog
  • Route and navigate through the widgets
  • Use listview and scroll widgets
  • Gain knowledge on networking with Flutter and Dart
  • Build and publish plugins to pub.dart.com
  • Use Firebase cloud messaging and remote configuration
  • Build and release your application on Android and iOS

Who this book is for

This book is for developers who are willing to learn flutter and develop cross-platform applications

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing Flutter
  2. Getting Started with Flutter
  3. Widgets, Widgets Everywhere
  4. Exploiting the Widgets Variety
  5. Widening our Flutter Horizons
  6. Using a Platform to Power Flutter Apps
  7. Firebase - Flutter's Best Friend
  8. Deploying Flutter Apps
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