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Google SketchUp for Game Design: Beginner's Guide


Creating video game environments similar to the best 3D games on the market is now within the capability of hobbyists for the first time, with the free availability of game development software such as Unity 3D, and the ease with which groups of enthusiasts can get together to pool their skills for a game project. The sheer number of these independent game projects springing up means there is a constant need for game art, the physical 3D environment and objects that inhabit these game worlds. Now thanks to Google there is an easy, fun way to create professional game art, levels and props.

Google SketchUp is the natural choice for beginners to game design. This book provides you with the workflow to quickly build realistic 3D environments, levels, and props to fill your game world. In simple steps you will model terrain, buildings, vehicles, and much more.

Google SketchUp is the ideal entry level modeling tool for game design, allowing you to take digital photographs and turn them into 3D objects for quick, fun, game creation. SketchUp for Game Design takes you through the modeling of a game level with SketchUp and Unity 3D, complete with all game art, textures and props. You will learn how to create cars, buildings, terrain, tools and standard level props such as barrels, fencing and wooden pallets. You will set up your game level in Unity 3D to create a fully functional first person walk-around level to email to your friends or future employers.

When you have completed the projects in this book, you will be comfortable creating 3D worlds, whether for games, visualization, or films.

What you will learn from this book

  • Discover the tools required to make game level and asset creation a swift and easy process
  • Create "game ready" textures from photos
  • Learn techniques for quick modeling by creating assets straight from textures
  • Sculpt rough terrains using easy Sandbox tools in SketchUp
  • Import the game art you created with SketchUp into a professional game engine: Unity 3D
  • Create realistic assets to bring the game alive such as buildings, tools, barrels, and rusty fencing
  • Model a 3D automobile with advanced SketchUp tricks and techniques
  • How to add lighting and walk around in your game


The book takes a clear, step-by-step approach to building a complete game level using SketchUp with many props and textures.

Who this book is written for

This book is designed for anyone who wants to create entire 3D worlds in freely available game engines such as Unity 3D, CryEngine, Ogre, Panda3D, Unreal Engine, and Blender Game Engine. It also targets all those who wish to create new levels and assets to sell in game asset stores or use in visualization or animation.

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