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Grant Writing For Dummies

Grant Writing For Dummies, 9781118834664 (1118834666), For Dummies, 2014

Learn to:

  • Navigate federal grant databases and apply online for grants
  • Find the most current public and private sector grant opportunities
  • Create strong statements of need
  • Submit applications that meet funders’ expectations

Your comprehensive guide to finding and winning grant monies

Grant writing can be quite daunting, but this complete guide provides you with everything you need to get started with your application right away! Use this resource, including new and updated material, to move through the entire grant-writing process and apply for some of the billions of dollars available from public and private sector sources.

  • Grant writing 101 — get an easy-to-understand introduction to the ins and outs of grants, including who funds them and how to receive them
  • Know what funders want — discover the many grant-making organizations throughout the world and how to tailor your message to what your prospects expect
  • Tug on reviewers’ heartstrings — find out how to tell your story so peer reviewers award your application the maximum number of points
  • The write stuff — explore writing techniques to create powerful, successful applications and proposals that convey your need for grant funding

Go online and find templates for request letters, executive summaries, logic models, budget summary tables, and more

Open the book and find:

  • How to connect with grant-making agencies
  • What goes into a grant submission
  • How to build a great funding plan
  • An overview of the peer review process
  • A helpful checklist to make sure all the pieces are in place
  • How to navigate federal grant websites
  • Compelling words to use in applications
  • Advice on requesting matching funds and other items
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