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Gruber's Complete SAT Guide 2009 (Gruber's Complete SAT Guide -12th Edition)

With the explanation to a question, you can answer that one question. With the Gruber strategies, you can answer thousands of questions! These strategies show you how to think about problems best, and can be used consistently on every SAT test.

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Improve Your Score

  • Features the Exclusive Gruber System That has Raised Actual SAT Scores by More than 600 Points!
  • Unique Diagnostic Test Shows You Why You Got Questions Wrong-And How to Correct It
  • Tips of Writing a High-Scoring Essay
  • Inside Info on How SAT Questions Are Created
  • Student-Praised Writing, Vocab, Math and Reading Sections
  • 5 Full-Length SAT Practice Tests with complete explanatory answers keyed to the Gruber strategies and basic skills

Effective Study Tools That Are Actually Fun

  • 101 Most Important Math Questions You Need to Know
  • The World's Shortest SAT Test (16 Questions)
  • The 291 Most Important SAT Words
  • Proven Strategies for Solving Questions Quickly
  • Tons of Practice SAT Questions, with Every Answer Keyed to the Gruber Strategies and Basic Skills
  • The Gruber Prefixes and Roots that can give you the meaning of more than 150,000 words

Use the Most Trusted Methods

  • More schools use Dr. Gruber's books for SAT courses than any other SAT books.
  • PBS chose Dr. Gruber to train teachers nationally to improve the nation's SAT scores.
  • National learning centers, state agencies and state education departments have contracted with Dr. Gruber to improve SAT scores and critical thinking ability.
About the Author

Gary R. Gruber, Ph.D., is recognized nationally as the leading expert on the SAT, test-taking methods and critical thinking skills. His books on test taking and critical thinking skills have sold more than seven million copies.
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