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Guerrilla Travel Tactics: Hundreds of Simple Strategies Guaranteed to Save Road Warriors Time and Money

" This book has given me countless ideas for making my next trip easier and less expensive."

Guerrilla Travel Tactics is the most comprehensive book ever written on finding travel bargains. It will help any business traveler survive the rigors of the road, optimize logistics, and get the most for every dollar spent on travel.

The individual business traveler will save thousands of dollars per year, and companies whose executives and employees fly frequently could save hundreds of thousands -- or more. The bottom line is that travelers and organizations will be spending a fraction of what they normally would, but getting much more for their money.

Guerrilla Travel Tactics is packed with travel tips, bargain strategies, and insider secrets, including how to get the VIP treatment, amenities, and upgrades -- all on a penny-pinching budget. Featuring the authors' practical, proven techniques, it's an absolute must-read whether you travel once a week or once a year.

If you’re a business traveler, what you don’t know about travel can hurt you. In the pocketbook. On the road. At the airport. At the hotel. In large cities. In small towns. At home. In foreign countries. Yet, the pain of ignorance is felt by business travelers every single day and on every continent. I hear a resounding ‘‘ouch!’’ What makes the pain go away? Knowledge. Strategies. Information. Insights. Enlightenment. Just the kind of wisdom contained in this book.

Guerrilla travelers achieve conventional goals using unconventional means. This means you’ll get where you need to . . . or where you’ve always wanted to visit, only now you’ll learn new ways of getting there, ways that can save you scads of money, avoid inconvenience, prevent frustration. As one who has traveled the world extensively, I consider myself not only a road warrior, but one who has made all the mistakes possible, including several bordering on the impossible. I’ve overpaid on every one of the continents, failed to capitalize on a galaxy of bargains, truly been a poster child for unsophisticated, needlessly expensive travel on land, sea, and air. But I have learned from my mistakes, and with this book, you can too.

These aren’t tactics reserved for the rich and famous, the connected and powerful. These are tactics available to any traveler at any time. These are tactics that can save you a whale of a lot of money—and I’m referring to the largest whale that ever prowled the ocean deep.

About the Author
Jay Conrad Levinson (Marin County, CA) is the author of the Guerrilla Marketing series, the best-selling marketing series in history, plus 24 other business books. The Guerrilla books are required reading at leading MBA programs worldwide. Theo Brandt-Sarif (Los Angeles, CA) has more than 15 years of experience researching and developing travel strategies, and is an internationally recognized consultant on savings strategies for sophisticated small-business and leisure travelers.

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