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Hacking: THE BLUEPRINT A Beginners Guide To Ethical Computer Hacking (CyberPunk Blueprint Series)

Ever wonder how easy it is to hack into someone’s bank account info while surfing the net at your local Starbucks? Learning how to hack is one of the best preventative measures you can take when protecting yourself from other hackers. Hacking is often misunderstood and that is for good reason. Many people use hacking as a way to break into systems and cause all sorts of harm and trouble for the unsuspecting victims. Some also use it as a means to protect themselves from the real danger.

Imagine being able to stop attackers from hacking into your website or personal accounts.

How about being paid for finding leaks inside large corporate companies and helping them protecting their data.

What if you had access to everything on the internet by leveraging your superior hacking skills? This is what this book is designed to teach you. The Cyberpunk Architects, believe that we have the ability to teach Hacking to anybody by providing them with the blueprint, the basics in order to build the strongest foundation on. We know how tricky it is to learn and become a master of any area of computer programming especially hacking. Our team is comprised of professionals who have been in the industry of information technology for decades and our experience made us able to create information products such as this step-by-step guide. We give you the blueprint and show you what to do, and more important, HOW TO DO IT! What will you find in this book:
  • How to setup your new hacking environment
  • How to use the Linux Terminal and master it's functions
  • How to be completely Anonymous online like the Pro's
  • How to setup NMAP
  • Which tools the REAL hackers use to crack passwords
  • How you can use multiple tools to gather information with Wireless Hacking
  • How TOR and the DarkNet actually work
  • How to keep yourself SAFE from bring hacked
  • BONUS: The FREE Guide To Computer Programming

    Buy This Book NOW To Learn How To Be A Hacker and protect yourself online!

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My Dear Reader,

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