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How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office 2003


Get a first-hand look at the freshest upgrade to Office in years. In addition to beautiful visual updates, Office 2003 offers greater compatibility between applications, significant changes to Outlook, SmartTags throughout the suite for greater consistency, and much more. How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office 2003 provides solutions to using the most powerful tools and features of each application within the suite. Whether you're interest is Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, or FrontPage, author Laurie Ulrich gives plenty of insights, timesaving tips, and practical examples to help you make the most of Office. Open this amazing resource now and be on your way to ultra-efficient and productive Office 2003 operation!

  • Reinvent the basic business letter using Word's various graphics features
  • Analyze any kind of financial, statistical, or scientific data in Excel
  • Design a persuasive PowerPoint presentation using sound and animation
  • Create an efficient and effective Access database for storing and viewing your data
  • Manage your time and contacts using Outlook's calendar and email features
  • Build an attractive, user-friendly Web site with FrontPage
  • Publish your worksheets, presentations, or virtually any Office content to the Web
  • Master the entire Office 2003 suite and become a truly powerful, creative user
About the Author
Laurie Ann Ulrich (Philadelphia, PA) entered the computer training industry as a training manager, running corporate training centers for two of the East Coast's largest computer resellers. In 1992, she started her own company, Limehat & Company, Inc., a training and consulting business. Her firm offers training to users of all levels, helping them to use computers and the Internet for business and personal use. Since 1998, her firm has offered Web site design and hosting services to small businesses and non-profit organizations, and is devoted to supporting clients in their use of the web to market and grow their organizations. She is the author or co-author of several computer books.
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