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How To Do Everything with Your Pocket PC, 3rd Edition


Make your Pocket PC your own personal information appliance. This easy-to-follow guide will teach you everyday essentials such as managing appointments, keeping addresses, and making task lists. It shows you in a clear, step-by-step format, how to retrieve your e-mail and surf the Web, write and format letters, balance your checkbook, make voice recordings, read books, listen to music, and much more. From business to pleasure, this handy guide will have you fully utilizing all the great features of your Pocket PC in no time.

  • Manage appointments, tasks, and contacts
  • Write, save, edit, and format documents
  • Create, view, and edit pictures
  • Watch PowerPoint presentations
  • Produce databases to store and query data
  • Access your e-mail and run Windows programs
  • Add handwriting, drawings, and recordings to documents
  • Track how you spend, save, and invest money
  • Connect to desktops with infrared, Ethernet networking, or modem
  • Synchronize with your desktop computer
About the Author
Frank McPherson (West Bloomfield, MI) has been using handhelds since they were introduced in 1993. He is currently an Assistant Forum Manager for the Windows CE forum on Microsoft's Computing Central web site. In March, 1999 Microsoft recognized Frank as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for helping users in the microsoft.public.windowsce newsgroup. He created and maintains the Windows CE Knowledge Center web site, (http://start.at/know_ce) which averages 9000 page views per day. The site includes original content and links to information that show users how to get the most out of the Windows CE.
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