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How to Work for an Idiot, Revised and Expanded with More Idiots, More Insanity, and More Incompetency


"Anyone who has to work should read How to Work for an Idiot."
--USA Today

"There is no question that How to Work for an Idiot is a subversive book. People will pick it up expecting a tasty blend of commiseration and advice. They will put it down thinking, to paraphrase the famous line from the cartoon character Pogo, 'We have met the idiot, and he is us.' "

--The New York Times

"Dr. Hoover recommends admitting that you are 'powerless' over the jerks in your life. Otherwise, 'harboring all that resentment is like drinking a cup of poison and waiting for the jerk to die.' "
--The Wall Street Journal

"How to Work for an Idiot contains a lot of humor, with plenty of good information as well.
--Campbell Brown, Weekend Today

"Dr. John's How to Work for an Idiot is very funny stuff, with some stinging jabs in there."
--Neil Cavuto, Fox News

"...an irreverent and realistic look at what people must deal with every day at work."

"As amusing as his vignettes may be, the proffered advice is pretty sound and includes solid steps for coping and surviving a daily dose of determined and authoritative stupidity without committing any capital crimes."
--The Miami Herald

Was it a typo when the CEO mandated that the organization "institutionalize incompetents"? If not, how did the company wind up institutionalizing incompetence instead? How to Work for an Idiot is still the confessions of a recovering Idiot Boss. After decades of writing and consulting, Dr. Hoover finally realized that many of the people he kept trying to "energize" and "enlighten" were, well, idiots. More importantly, he was an idiot for thinking he could change them.

This new edition of How to Work for an Idiot is bigger and better--and filled with even more idiots--than before. The same technology that has enabled cluelessness from the corner office to go viral can help you protect yourself and keep your inner idiot in check. Yes, the book goes that deep. Not every boss is an idiot, and not every idiot is a boss. Let Dr. Hoover help you find the wisdom to know the difference.

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