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Hundred Percenters:  Challenge Your Employees to Give It Their All, and They'll Give You Even More


Push employees to their full potential with “tough love” leadership!

“Provides the tools managers need to take ‘average’ employees and create a culture of accountable, fully engaged people. Managers will learn to recognize their leadership style and understand how they, too, can become Hundred Percenters.”
Laura Christiansen, Vice President Human Resources, VTech Communications, Inc.

"Heavily-researched and loaded with tools and examples, this book shows you how to challenge your employees to achieve the kind of extraordinary results and innovations that every CEO dreams about. Every leader needs to read this book!"
Ned Fitch, CEO, Kalahari Tea

"Murphy finds that most workplaces are brimming with untapped talent. Only it's suppressed by goal-setting that discourages big ideas and leaders who focus on happiness rather than greatness."
Training Magazine

We’ve all heard the saying that a happy employee is a motivated employee. But what if that’s not true?

Leadership IQ CEO Mark Murphy says the “happy employee” philosophy doesn’t work. A study of more than 500,000 leaders and employees shows that despite the billions of dollars organizations spend to satisfy and engage workers, 72% of employees admit they’re still not giving their best effort at work. Rather, it’s leaders who focus on making their people great—not happy—who inspire Hundred Percenter performance.

If you talk to the employees behind today’s great innovations, you’re unlikely to hear, “I was inspired by a boss who coddles me.” Instead you’d probably hear, “My boss challenges me and pushes me past my limits.” Most workplaces are brimming with untapped talent— only it’s suppressed by leaders who fail to connect with and challenge employees to unleash their true potential.

Here are just a few of the big ideas in Hundred Percenters:

  • The harder the goals you set, the better your employees will perform
  • You should never use a Compliment Sandwich to deliver feedback
  • Talented Terrors—people with great skills and a bad attitude—can destroy your company culture
  • Before you can start motivating Hundred Percenters, you have to stop demotivating them
  • You should never ask your employees if they’re “satisfied”

This groundbreaking book debunks management fads that don’t apply to today’s workplace and provides the facts, theories, and direction you need to become a 100% Leader. Apply Murphy’s leadership lessons and you’ll see innovation, productivity, and profits soar, while employee turnover rates plummet. Hundred Percenters will bring out the best in your workforce.

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