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IBM i5/iSeries Primer: Concepts and Techniques for Programmers, Administrators, and System Operators

This comprehensive, 35-chapter book is the ultimate resource and a "must-have" for every professional working with the i5/iSeries. It is perfect for novice and intermediate programmers as well as for system administrators and operators. In simple, straightforward style, the authors explain core i5/iSeries concepts and show you step by step how to perform a wide variety of essential functions.

The book includes sections on installation, operations, administration, system architecture, programming, the Internet, and troubleshooting. These sections are organized in free-standing style so you don’t have to read the book from cover to cover or even sequentially; you can reference the chapters that interest you most, skip some, and jump back and forth as needed. It even contains a helpful glossary to act as a fast reference for all the terms you need to know.

Completely updated through i5/OS V5, the fourth edition of this best-selling book contains page after page of information covering RPG IV and Java programming, system values, database and SQL, important system security information, the i5/iSeries as an Internet server, and much more. You’ll learn the essential technical concepts you need to get up to speed on all areas of the i5/iSeries, and your increased understanding of the i5/iSeries will boost your productivity.
Even if you have a previous edition of this book, you'll want to get this new edition with all of the V5 update and brand new topics like:

• iSeries Navigator
• Java
• iSeries Access
• HTTP Server
• Qshell
• Client/Server and TCP/IP
• Client Access

This book is a learning tool and valuable reference you will use for years to come. As one satisfied reader put it, "If you could own only one i5/iSeries book, this would be it."

With IBM i5/iSeries Primer, Fourth Edition you will:

• Learn how to install an i5 server
• Gain a comprehensive knowledge of i5/iSeries operations
• Understand libraries, objects, library lists, and everything you need to know about files
• Be able to configure a system
• Explore programming basics, including how to use utilities, journaling, and commitment control
• Discover what to do in case of trouble, how to request help from IBM, how to report problems, and how to manage PTFs
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