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IBM Sametime 8.5.2 Administration Guide

Allow me to be the first to congratulate you for purchasing this book. Sametime 8.5 is a very different product from previous versions of the product. What once was a simple offering that provided secure instant messaging with some web conferencing capabilities has now evolved into a robust, flexible, sophisticated communications platform. This book, written from the perspective of a Domino Administrator, will help you get the most out of this platform.

Sametime 8.5.2 delivers a state-of-the-art enterprise-ready instant messaging and meeting service. This Administrator's Guide navigates through the range of Sametime server components and features, providing you with the essential information required to install, administer and troubleshoot your Sametime 8.5.2 environment.

The IBM Sametime 8.5.2 Administration Guide cuts through the complexity of architecting, installing, and administering all the moving parts of the latest version of Sametime. With this book, you will be able to make the necessary decisions when it comes to choosing which server components you need and how to install them to get the most performance and maintainability from the software.

Starting with an overview of Sametime 8.5.2, you will then dive into each server component. You learn what each one does, why it might be needed in your environment, and what you need to have in place to run it. By the end, you'll have Sametime running and configured properly for your particular situation.

With flexibility comes complexity-- but not with this guide. You'll learn how different architectures are possible and how to prepare properly for the installation of Sametime. You'll learn how to install the servers in the right order so that you can maintain and expand your environment in the future. You'll also find out how best to monitor your Sametime environment for issues, as well as how to effectively troubleshoot those problems so that you can quickly get Sametime running again.

The IBM Sametime 8.5.2 Administration Guide is the perfect one-stop resource for learning important installation and configuration details quickly and easily.

What you will learn from this book

  • Explore the server components that make up the Sametime 8.5.2 offering.
  • Discover the requirements for each server, along with the features each provides - alone and integrated with other servers.
  • Understand how to install each Sametime server and how to make installation choices that will support your infrastructure into the future.
  • Explore how the WebSphere Application Server (WAS) architecture is used to run Sametime servers and how WAS impacts your system design.
  • Design your Sametime environment to meet your current requirements and learn how you can build to allow for future growth.
  • Discover how to use your corporate directory for authentication for Sametime.
  • Attain the necessary skills for integrating business cards into your Sametime environment.
  • Explore the new options for connecting remotely to Sametime with mobile devices
  • Discover the optional features: Sametime Telephony, Sametime Advanced and Sametime Gateway and how they can extend your environment.
  • Master the best practices for administering and troubleshooting your Sametime environment.


The IBM Sametime 8.5.2 Administration Guide uses a practical, no-nonsense approach to give you the essential information you need. Using realistic scenarios, you learn how to configure and maintain your environment to meet your needs and take advantage of the flexibility offered in Sametime 8.5.2.

Who this book is written for

If you are responsible for installing and administering Sametime 8.5.2, then this book is for you. If you're completely new to Sametime administration, this book will serve as your roadmap. If you're making the jump from a prior version of Sametime, then you'll see how Sametime 8.5.2 differs and how you work with the new configuration. Even if you already have Sametime 8.5.2 up and running, this guide will answer those questions you may still have of why and how the various server components work.

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