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iLife '04 All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies

Living the iLife may mean creating a slide show with your own digital photos, adding original music from your GarageBand, and posting it on the Web. Or blending purchased songs with clips from your digital camcorder to make a music video DVD. Or just keeping your iPod loaded with the latest iTunes. Find out how, now!

The Dummies Way

  • Coverage of the essentials and beyond
  • Explanations in plain English
  • "Get in, get out" information
  • Thumbtabs and other navigation aids
  • Tear-out cheat sheet
  • A dash of humor and fun

Discover how to:

  • Rip songs and create playlists
  • Edit photos and create SmartAlbums
  • Manage video clips, create movies, and edit soundtracks
  • Burn multipurpose DVDs
  • Record musical instruments using GarageBand
About the Author
Tony Bove and Cheryl Rhodes have kicked around the computer industry for decades. They edited the influential newsletter, “Bove & Rhodes Inside Report on New Media,” and wrote weekly and monthly columns and feature articles for computer-industry magazines including Computer Currents (for computer users), Nextworld (for computer professionals), and NewMedia (for multimedia professionals). They also co-founded and edited Desktop Publishing/Publish magazine (for publishing professionals).
Tracing the personal computer revolution back to the ’60s, Bove and Rhodes produced a CD-ROM interactive documentary in 1996, Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties (featuring music from the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and the Jefferson Airplane). Bove and Rhodes have written over a dozen books on computing, desktop publishing, and multimedia, including at least one bestseller, The Art of Desktop Publishing (Bantam); a series of books about Macromedia Director that includes Macromedia Lingo Studio and Official Macromedia Director Studio (Random House); the long-running Adobe Illustrator: The Official Handbook for Designers (Random House) now in its fourth edition; Desktop Publishing with PageMaker and PageMaker 4: The Basics (Wiley Publishing, Inc.); and The Well-Connected Macintosh (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich).

Tony Bove has been a director of enterprise marketing for a large software company, as well as a communications director and technical publications manager. He also developed the Rockument music site, www.rockument.com, with commentary and radio programs focused on rock music history. In addition, he is a founding member of the Flying Other Brothers band (www.flyingotherbros.com).

Cheryl Rhodes is an education specialist, researcher, and advocate. She founded and served as director of the Pacific Community Charter School, and worked as a professional courseware designer for ComputerTown USA (a National Science Foundation project) and the Lawrence Hall of Science, as well as an instructor in computer courses at elementary and high schools.

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