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Immigrant, Inc.: Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving the New Economy


A provocative look at the remarkable contributions of high-skill immigrant entrepreneurs in America

Both a revelation and a call-to-action, Immigrant, Inc. explores the uncommon skill and drive of America's new immigrants and their knack for innovation and entrepreneurship. From the techies who created icons of the new economy-Intel, Google, eBay and Sun Microsystems-to the young engineers tinkering with solar power and next-generation car batteries, immigrants have proven themselves to be America's competitive advantage.

With a focus on legal immigrants and their odyssey from homeland to start-up, this unique book

  • Explores the psyche, cultural nuances, skills, and business strategies that help immigrants achieve remarkable success
  • Explains how immigrants will create the American jobs of the future-if we let them

Whether you are a CEO, a civic leader, or an entrepreneur yourself, Immigrant, Inc. warns of the peril of anti-immigrant attitudes and a hostile immigration process. It also explains how any American can tap their "inner immigrant" to transform their lives and their companies.

Written by an immigration lawyer who represents immigrant entrepreneurs and a journalist who specializes in international culture, the authors have a front-row seat to this phenomenon, offering a fascinating glimpse into the mindset of the most persistent entrepreneurs of the era.

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