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Introducing Maven

Introducing Maven, 9781484208427 (1484208420), Apress, 2014

Introducing Maven is your quick start-up primer guide on Maven. This fully packed mini-book includes the new features and enhancements found in the latest version of Maven.

In this short 100-page book, you'll learn all about Maven and how to set it up to use. You'll learn about the Maven life cycle and how to effectively leverage and use it. Also, you'll learn the basics of using site plugins and generating Javadocs, test coverage/FindBugs reports, version/release notes and more. Furthermore, you'll take advantage of Maven's archetypes to bootstrap new projects easily. Finally, you will learn how to integrate Nexus repository manager with Maven release phases.

After reading and using this short book, you'll have an understanding of Maven’s dependency management and how to organize basic and multi-module Maven projects.

What you’ll learn

  • What Maven is and how it compares with Ant, Gradle and more.
  • How to set up and test Maven
  • What transitive dependencies are
  • How to create a basic Maven project
  • How set up a multi-module project
  • What is the Maven life cycle and how to leverage it
  • How to generate Javadocs, unit test reports and more with Maven
  • How to use Maven archetypes
  • How to integrate with Nexus repository manager
  • Releasing your project with Maven and more
  • How to integrate with Subversion

Who this book is for

This book is for those new to Maven. It is recommended for experienced Java coders, programmers and developers, especially those doing enterprise and Java web development using the Spring Framework.

Table of Contents

1. Maven Basics

2. Setting up Maven

3. Maven Basic Project

4. Maven Advanced Project

5. Maven Life Cycle

6. Documentation and Reporting

7. Maven Archetypes

8. Maven Release

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