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Investment Performance Measurement (Frank J. Fabozzi Series)

Investment is an initial forfeit of something we value in exchange for
the anticipated benefit of getting back more than we put in. The difference
between what we put in and what we got back is the return; we
invest in order to yield this return. For financial assets return includes
both the gain we receive when we finally either sell them to someone
else, or they mature, as well as the income earned between the purchase
and sale. Return is compensation for giving up the use of the capital in
the interim. For most investments at the outset we cannot be sure of the
value of the income and gains we will receive. The spectrum of instruments
we could invest in provides a varying degree of return uncertainty.
We can predict the return we will earn on a one-month T-bill
with complete accuracy where we couldn’t hazard a guess as to the
return of an investment in an emerging markets stock fund. Financial
theory and experience suggest that the highest return given a particular
level of risk taken is likely to be achieved via the diversification of our
assets across multiple security holdings. So we usually invest via a portfolio
of securities, or a set of portfolios each managed to a particular
objective. The higher the degree of return uncertainty, or risk, in a given
investment, the more return we demand.
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Interdomain Multicast Solutions Guide
Interdomain Multicast Solutions Guide

Demand is growing for Internet Protocol (IP) multicast services to extend applications across Internet service provider (ISP) network boundaries to a wider audience. To meet this need, sophisticated protocols such as Protocol Independent Multicast sparse mode (PIM-SM), Multiprotocol Border Gateway Protocol (MBGP), and Multicast...

Manage IT as a Business : How to Achieve Alignment and Add Value to the Company
Manage IT as a Business : How to Achieve Alignment and Add Value to the Company
Many IT projects fail to deliver the benefits to the business that they promised. This is despite the fact that IT managers and staff work hard to meet the needs of the business by putting systems into place and ensuring that network operations are reliable and stable. The cause of this problem is almost always a misalignment of IT within the...
Beginning InfoPath 2003 (Programmer to Programmer)
Beginning InfoPath 2003 (Programmer to Programmer)
Beginning InfoPath 2003

Microsoft InfoPath 2003 allows users to create forms that can be used immediately for data gathering, analysis, and reporting. This book provides everything you need to maximize the potential of this unique tool.

Whether you're looking to create streamlined forms, understand the code behind InfoPath forms,...

Basic NEC with Broadcast Applications
Basic NEC with Broadcast Applications
The development of computer programs for modeling antennas began in the 1960s when main-frame computers were making advancements. Modeling codes that could run on desktop computers made their appearance in the early 1980s. The design of directional antenna arrays for medium-frequency (MF) broadcasting stations has a much longer history, however,...
Pro InfoPath 2007 (Expert's Voice)
Pro InfoPath 2007 (Expert's Voice)
Pro InfoPath 2007 is an excellent book for developers trying to learn the scope and range of application forms that can be built with Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007. InfoPath is now in its 2nd generation and it enables the creation of rich desktop and web forms using XML technologies and allows gathering of structured, business-critical...
Foundations of Corneal Disease: Past, Present and Future
Foundations of Corneal Disease: Past, Present and Future

The field of cornea has seen tremendous advances over the last 40 years?this uniquely comprehensive book will discuss the history of these advances, current best practices in important diseases of the cornea and ocular surface, and examine future directions in diagnosis and management. Written by leading experts, many of whom trained...

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