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iOS Game Development Cookbook

iOS Game Development Cookbook, 9781449368760 (144936876X), O'Reilly, 2014

Want to build games with iOS technologies? This cookbook provides detailed recipes for a wide range of common iOS game-development issues, ranging from 2D and 3D math to Game Center integration, and OpenGL to performance. If you’re familiar with iOS and Objective-C, this is the problem-solving guide you want.

Rather than focus on specific game engines for iOS, such as Cocos2D or the Corona SDK, the recipes in this cookbook strictly deal with baked-in iOS technologies. You’ll learn solutions for everything from tile-matching games to racing, with working code that you can use right away.

  • Lay out the structure of your game
  • Build and customize menus with UIKit
  • Detect and respond to user input
  • Use advanced techniques to play sound effects and music
  • Work with data, using iOS devices and the cloud
  • Create 2D graphics with SpriteKit
  • Add physics simulation to your game
  • Learn beginning to advanced 3D graphics
  • Create challenges with artificial intelligence
  • Use networking to add multiplayer capabilities
  • Work with game controllers and multiple screens
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Big Java: Compatible with Java 5, 6 and 7
Big Java: Compatible with Java 5, 6 and 7

This book introduces programmers to objects at a gradual pace. The syntax boxes are revised to show typical code examples rather than abstract notation. This includes optional example modules using Alice and Greenfoot. The examples feature annotations with dos and don'ts along with cross references to more detailed explanations in the...

Handbook of Glaucoma
Handbook of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is not a single disease that responds to a single treatment. A range of clinical entities is involved, including both ocular and systemic conditions. Glaucoma is difficult to diagnose, and that makes its treatment even more difficult. In this volume, the authors attempt to alleviate confusion about glaucoma. They have written a clear...

LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot
LiveCode Mobile Development Hotshot

Create your own exciting applications with 10 fantastic projects


  • Create your own mobile games and apps using LiveCode
  • Develop user interfaces for mobile devices
  • Use databases and advanced features of LiveCode

In Detail

There are...

Signal Processing in Noise Waveform Radar (Artech House Radar Library)
Signal Processing in Noise Waveform Radar (Artech House Radar Library)

This book is devoted to the emerging technology of noise waveform radar and its signal processing aspects. It is a new kind of radar, which use noise-like waveform to illuminate the target. The book includes an introduction to basic radar theory, starting from classical pulse radar, signal compression, and wave radar. The book then discusses...

EMI Protection for Communication Systems
EMI Protection for Communication Systems

In recent years, the protection of communication services operating in the same of adjacent channels has become more and more challenging. Communication systems need to be protected from natural and man-made interference. This practical reference provides a through understanding of how to protect communication systems from intentional and...

The Practice of Programming
The Practice of Programming

With the same insight and authority that made their book The Unix Programming Environment a classic, Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike have written The Practice of Programming to help make individual programmers more effective and productive.

The practice of programming...

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