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IP Telephony with H.323: Architectures for Unified Networks and Integrated Services

A comprehensive introduction to the protocols and architecture everyone must know in order to implement H.323-based IP telephony

IP Telephony with H.323

Internet Protocol (IP) telephony is changing the way business gets done, allowing multimedia messages such as voice, data, and video to be transmitted over standard routers, telephone switches, and lines. This authoritative book will help you gain a practical understanding of how IP telephony works by looking at the various protocols and architectural components using ITU-Ts H.323 standard. Written by the chief architects of H.323, it clearly describes the protocols that enable users to collaborate in a multimedia call as well as the H.323 protocols that permit supplementary services to be executed. The authors also explain the architecture and deployment scenarios of various types of gateways including network access gateways, trunking gateways, and residential gateways. In addition, they show you how security, QoS, and mobility can be integrated in H.323-based signaling protocols and the media streams.

Inside, youll find valuable insights on the use and implementation of the H.323 standard including how to:

  • Utilize the signaling, control, and media protocols to initiate, communicate, and terminate a call
  • Modify protocols to scale the size of conference calls to allow hundreds and thousands of participants
  • Route a call and provide a mechanism for timing the length of the call
  • Deploy Web-based protocols such as HTTP to control telephone calls
  • Integrate QoS and mobility in IP telephony systems
About the Author

VINEET KUMAR is a chief architect responsible for IP telephony and mobile Internet at Intel. He has been Principal Architect of H.323 at the ITU-T from its onset in 1995.

MARKKU KORPI is President, CTO, and founder of Cosini Technologies. He was previously Chief Systems Architect at Siemens where he designed multimedia networks. He served as editor of H.450.

SENTHIL SENGODAN is the Manager of the Internet Multimedia Security Group at Nokia Research Center, Boston. He leads IP telephony and IP security-related projects at Nokia Research Center, and has made IP telephony—related contributions to ITU-T, ETSI, IETF, and other bodies.

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