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J2EE Professional Projects

J2EE Professional Projects, 9781931841221 (1931841225), Premier Press, 2002
Use Java 2 Enterprise Edition to accomplish real-world, professional tasks. Incorporating three hands-on projects, J2EE Professional Projects is your key to unlocking the power of J2EE. Each project focuses on a specific concept and is based on a real-world situation. Using the projects as your guide, you will create a chat application, create an online banking application, and create an online music application. You will be able to use the skills that you develop throughout the book to modify the projects to fit your professional needs.

This book provides a hands-on appro a ch to learning Java 2 Pl a t f o rm Enterp rise Edit i on ( J 2 EE ) . It is aimed at readers who have a basic knowledge of pro g ra m m i n g. The book starts with a few overview chapters that cover the key concepts of Java and J2EE. The concepts covered in these chapters include:

◆ Programming in Java
◆ Java Foundation Classes
◆ Applets
◆ Layouts and Event Handling
◆ Exceptional Handling
◆ Threading
◆ Network Programming
◆ Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
◆ J2EE
◆ EJB Types: Session Beans and Entity Beans

These chapters act as an information store for programmers who need to brush up their Java knowledge. Next, a major portion of the book revolves around professional projects.These projects enable programmers to learn about various tasks by following a simple-to-complex approach. Each project covers a specific subject area and guides readers by using real-world scenarios. The projects range from a simple project using Java, to complex projects using J2EE.The projects make use of the latest technologies, such as Java Beans, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, and EJB. These projects help programmers accomplish their goals by understanding the practical and real-life application of J2EE. These projects also give programmers an understanding of how to create Web sites.

In addition to the overview chapters and professional projects, the book has a section called a “Beyond the Lab” and an Appendix. The “Beyond the Lab” section serves as both a summary of what the reader has learned and a road map for where the reader can go to expand on this knowledge.This section also covers the future direction of the programming language.The Appendix offers a quick reference for topics related to Java.
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