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Java EE 7 Development with WildFly


Leverage the power of the WildFly application server from JBoss to develop modern Java EE 7 applications

About This Book

  • Develop Java EE 7 applications using the WildFly platform
  • Discover how to manage your WildFly production environment
  • A step-by-step tutorial guide to help you get a firm grip on WildFly to create engaging applications

Who This Book Is For

If you are a Java developer who wants to learn about Java EE, this is the book for you. It's also ideal for developers who already have experience with the Java EE platform but would like to learn more about the new Java EE 7 features by analyzing fully functional sample applications using the new application server WildFly.

What You Will Learn

  • Design reliable and efficient applications based on Enterprise Java Beans and Context and Dependency Injection
  • Set up and manage your own WildFly application server for different development scenarios
  • Store your data without binding yourself to a specific database provider using the Java Persistence API
  • Create message-based applications using Java Messaging System and integrate third-party systems into them using Java Connector Architecture
  • Distribute and secure your enterprise applications by using built-in mechanisms from WildFly and Java EE 7
  • Decide between using SOAP and JAX-RS web services to create your external API
  • Discover the new side of web applications by exploring WebSockets and their usage scenarios
  • Test your application using a real environment with Arquillian

In Detail

Java Enterprise Edition is a well-known platform for application development. Its seventh release brings many new features and API improvements. WildFly is a successor of the JBoss Application Server family and fully implements the Java EE 7 standards.

Java EE 7 Development with WildFly shows you how to use the latest version of the Java EE 7 platform, including its most advanced features. Every topic is presented using working examples that are prepared to work out of the box with the new WildFly application server. This book will give you an insight into JBoss' message-oriented middleware, which allows you to loosely couple heterogeneous systems together, while typically providing reliability and many other features.

By the end of the book, you will have covered important topics such as learning the most important info about Java EE technologies, what changes the Java EE 7 brought, and how to use JBoss Forge scaffolding mechanisms (for example AngularJS) and perform endpoint generation, including JAX-RS.

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