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Java Performance Companion

Java Performance Companion, 9780133796827 (0133796825), Addison Wesley, 2016

Java® Performance Companion shows how to systematically and proactively improve Java performance with today’s advanced multicore hardware and complex operating system environments.


The authors, who are all leading Java performance and Java HotSpot VM experts, help you improve performance by using modern software engineering practices, avoiding common mistakes, and applying tips and tricks gleaned from years of real-world experience.


Picking up where Charlie Hunt and Binu John’s classic Java Performance left off, this book provides unprecedented detail on two powerful Java platform innovations: the Garbage First (G1) garbage collector and the HotSpot VM Serviceability Agent.


Coverage includes

  • Leveraging G1 to overcome limitations in parallel, serial, and CMS garbage collection
  • Understanding each stage of G1 GC collections, both young and old
  • Getting under the hood with G1 and efficiently fine-tuning it for your application
  • Identifying potential optimizations, interpreting experimental results, and taking action
  • Exploring the internals of the HotSpot VM
  • Using HotSpot VM Serviceability Agent to analyze, triage, and resolve diverse HotSpot VM issues
  • Troubleshooting out of memory errors, Java level deadlocks, and HotSpot VM crashes
  • Extending the Serviceability Agent, and using the Plugin for VisualVM
  • Mastering useful HotSpot VM command line options not covered in Java™ Performance

Java® Performance Companion can help you squeeze maximum performance and value from Java with JDK 8 or 9–for any application, in any environment.


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