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JavaScript Application Cookbook

JavaScript Application Cookbook, 9781565925779 (1565925777), O'Reilly, 1999
Seasoned Java coders will find the JavaScript Application Cookbook compiled just for them. Written in the same vein as the old-style programmer "toolbox" titles, this book sheds the usual tutorial presentation and simply introduces a series of JavaScript applications you can use on your own sites.

The cookbook begins with recipes such as a client-side search engine application that facilitates complex database searching to maximize local processing. (An interactive multiple-choice testing application follows, along with code for an interface to multiple search engines on the Net). Other applications include a JavaScript shopping cart, context-sensitive help, cipher implementation, drag-and-drop-capable e-mail, and a cookie-based user-management system.

Author Jerry Bradenbaugh clearly has a passion for JavaScript, and he illustrates the capabilities of this modest scripting language. The code for the book's applications is available from the publisher's Web site, and each chapter begins with a step-by-step walk-through of the finished application. You'll learn how code works and get ideas for possible extensions you might want to create. If you're programming in JavaScript already and want to grow your arsenal of tools and techniques, the JavaScript Application Cookbook is an immediate code fix. --Stephen W. Plain

There is a serious information gap for Webmasters learning client-side JavaScript skills and trying to solve common Web-related problems. Knowing the syntax is one thing, being able to build a useful application is another. And while there are dozens of "how- to" JavaScript books available, few literally hand the Webmaster a set of ready-to-go, client-side JavaScript applications with thorough documentation that enable the reader to fully understand and extend those applications. By providing such a set of applications, JavaScript Application Cookbook allows Webmasters to immediately add extra functionality to their Web sites. This book targets readers with two different skill sets. The primary target is JavaScript-knowledgeable Webmasters and designers who can immediately begin constructing their own versions of the applications. The secondary target is those with little or no JavaScript experience. The included applications are ready for immediate use and require little customization. This book explores both the code and the techniques that are centered around core JavaScript functionality, a functionality that will not become incompatible or obsolete. The source file design of most applications and libraries will help modularize reader Web sites and facilitate easier site management and coding practices. Chapters are organized by application. Among the included applications are:

  • A client-side search engine that will show coders how to build their own search engine and get excellent results, all with a client-side tool
  • A drag-and-drop greeting application that lets users custom build and send DHTML email greetings
  • A GUI image rollover tool that generates cross-browser image rollover code for all versions of JavaScript
  • A robust client-side shopping cart application that lets shoppers browse and shop, while the application keeps a tab of the shopper's selections and a running bill, including tax and shipping
  • An online test application that auto-administers, grades, and displays answers to online exams or surveys
An additional value to this book is an online resource (http://www.serve.com/hotsyte/) that discusses the applications and points to other resources. With its focus on providing practical real-world solutions for Webmasters, JavaScript Application Cookbook is destined to become a staple for every JavaScript developer, regardless of experience.
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