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JavaTech, an Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing with Java

Java is a serious language suitable for demanding applications in science and
engineering. Really, we promise! Java offers a lot more than just those little
applets in your Web browser.

In JavaTech we focus on how Java can perform useful tasks in technical computing.
These tasks might involve an animated simulation to demonstrate a scientific
principle, a graphical user interface for an existing C or C++ computational
engine, a distributed computing project, controlling and monitoring an experiment
remotely via the Internet, or programming an embedded Java hardware
processor in a device such as a remote sensor. While other Java books intended
for the science and engineering audience concentrate primarily on numerical programming,
we take a much broader approach and examine ways that Java can
benefit programmers working on many different types of technical applications.

This project grew out of a course given by two of us (C.S.L. and Th.L.) at
the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden in which students of
diverse backgrounds followed the class via the Internet. For this type of distance
learning situation, we developed hypertext instructional material for delivery
via the Web browser that allows for a high degree of self-study. This approach
works especially well with Java since many of the demonstration programs run
as applets within the browser.

This book provides a handy print companion to this hypertext course, which
is available online at www.javatechbook.com. The book includes additional
material that deals with distributed computing techniques based on work done by
one of us (J.T.) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA. Throughout the
book we refer to the hypertext materials as the Web Course.
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