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Joomla! 1.6: A User's Guide: Building a Successful Joomla! Powered Website (3rd Edition)


Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS) that anyone can download for free (see forge.joomla.org/sf/go/projects.joomla/frs). This makes it an ideal choice for small businesses. Don’t let the price tag fool you, though; Joomla is powerful and robust, and more big organizations are choosing to use open source software solutions all the time. Its universal appeal has made Joomla hugely popular as a CMS.

As Joomla matures, it is being adopted by more and more organizations, from corporations to schools and universities to government organizations to newspapers and magazines to small businesses. Its greatest advantage is its flexibility. You can see it on a huge variety of sites.

The Best Easy-to-Use Guide to Joomla!™−The World’s #1 Open Source Content Management System


If you want to build sophisticated websites that can be easily edited and updated, you need to master Joomla. Now there’s an easy-to-read, easy-to-use guide to Joomla for every site manager, administrator, and developer. Leading Joomla consultant Barrie North covers all you need to get results: installation, administration, site organization, template development, content updates, and a whole lot more. You’ll find tips, tricks, and troubleshooting solutions, as well as three start-to-finish case studies.


New to Joomla? No problem! This book starts with the simplest design and system concepts, and builds your expertise step-by-step. You’ll rapidly master Joomla’s power, even if you have no content management, scripting, or CSS expertise. Experienced with Joomla? You’ll turn to this book constantly for its authoritative, plain-English, example-rich Joomla 1.6 reference content.

•    Understand content management, what Joomla does, and how its components fit together

•    Build Joomla sites from scratch and systematically customize them to your needs

•    Create modern, pure CSS Joomla 1.6 templates using popular grid frameworks

•    Use Joomla 1.6’s nested categories to organize content and articles

•    Create dynamic pages and effective navigation

•    Work with Joomla modules and components

•    Learn how to optimize your Joomla sites for search engines

•    Follow three start-to-finish case studies: building a school website, a small business site, and a blog

•    Identify the most valuable Joomla extensions and add-ons: find them and use them

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