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Joomla! Start to Finish: How to Plan, Execute, and Maintain Your Web Site


Everything you need to know to plan and maintain a Joomla! site

Joomla! offers powerful functionality and ease of configuration, making it an immensely popular open source content management system. However, far more than simply downloading and installing Joomla! is required in order to create a dynamic web site. This book walks you through the critical steps that must be taken in the planning process prior to establishing a Joomla! site. Joomla! expert Jen Kramer reviews essential questions that need to be asked of a client, discusses technical solutions to a variety of challenges, and explains how a site structure should be organized.

Topics Covered:

I Want a Web Site and I Want It Blue — How Much Will That Cost?

Choosing the Right Technologies to Solve the Business Problem

Downloading and Installing Joomla!

A Brief Tour of the Joomla! Administration Interface

Creating and Configuring Menus

Installing and Configuring

Modules That Come with Joomla

Components That Come with Joomla!

Plug-Ins That Come with Joomla!

Adding Extensions to Joomla!

Home Page Tips and Tricks

Custom Templates

Advanced Template and CSS Tricks

Site Maintenance and Training

Once the groundwork has been laid, you'll discover how to host and install Joomla!, and upgrade and maintain your Joomla! site.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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