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JUNOS For Dummies (Computer/Tech)

JUNOS For Dummies (Computer/Tech), 9780470277966 (0470277963), For Dummies, 2008
If you’re in charge of a network, you’re probably aware that the only time anyone notices the network is when it goes down. With JUNOS software and JUNOS For Dummies, a friendly book to help you set it up and manage the software, you might be able to start convincing your clients to believe in magic. Here’s the help you need for switching, routing, security, interface configuration, and more.

Now, you can go inside JUNOS software and understand everything you need to know about operating a network with JUNOS. You’ll learn how the control plane handles packet delivery and establishes traffic policies and see how a single network operating system can add stability and reliability while saving administrative time. Plus, you’ll find out how to set up a routing protocol that automates configuration of routing tables for greater efficiency and how you can set up individual or group user accounts locally on the route, or on remote centralized authentication servers. By the time you finish this book, you’ll know how to:

  • Work with the JUNOS network operating system
  • Set up and configure a Juniper router
  • Connect, manage, and troubleshoot routers and other Juniper appliances
  • Make your network more efficient
  • Configure JUNOS default security features as well as restricted physical access to protect routers
  • Solve hardware, software, interface, and router problems
  • Integrate JUNOS with other systems

Complete with lists of the most useful commands, IOS-JUNOS command conversions, and the best place to seek additional help, JUNOSFor Dummies is your one-stop guide to getting started with and mastering JUNOS.

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