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Kotlin Standard Library Cookbook: Master the powerful Kotlin standard library through practical code examples

Build optimized applications in Kotlin by learning how to make use of the standard library features the smart way.

Key Features
  • Get the most out of the Kotlin library to develop high-quality portable applications
  • Explore the powerful support for data processing and I/O operations
  • Discover ways to enhance your Android application development
Book Description 

Given the verbosity of Java, developers have turned to Kotlin for effective software development. The Kotlin standard library provides vital tools that make day-to-day Kotlin programming easier. This library features the core attributes of the language, such as algorithmic problems, design patterns, data processing, and working with files and data streams.
The recipes in this book offer coding solutions that can be readily executed. The book covers various topics related to data processing, I/O operations, and collections transformation. We'll walk through effective design patterns in Kotlin and you'll understand how coroutines add new features to JavaScript.
As you make your way through the chapters, you'll learn how to implement clean, reusable functions and scalable interfaces containing default implementations. In the concluding chapters, we'll provide recipes on functional programming concepts, such as lambdas, monads, functors, and Kotlin scoping functions.
By the end of the book, you'll be able to address a range of problems that Kotlin developers face by implementing easy-to-follow solutions.

What you will learn
  • Work with ranges, progressions, and sequences in use cases
  • Add new functionalities to current classes with Kotlin extensions
  • Understand elements such as lambdas, closures, and monads
  • Build a REST API consumer with Retrofit and a coroutine adapter
  • Discover useful tips and solutions for making your Android projects
  • Explore the benefits of standard library features
Who this book is for

This book is for software developers who are familiar with Kotlin's basics and want to discover more advanced features and concepts, especially those provided by the Kotlin standard library. It's also ideal for experienced software developers who are familiar with the functional programming paradigm and other programming languages who want to switch to Kotlin. It will also help Java developers switch to Kotlin and integrate it into existing Java Virtual Machine (JVM) projects.

Table of Contents
  1. Ranges, Progressions, and Sequences
  2. Expressive Functions and Adjustable Interfaces
  3. Shaping Code with Kotlin Functional Programming Features
  4. Powerful Data Processing
  5. Tasteful Design Patterns Adopting Kotlin concepts
  6. Friendly I/O Operations
  7. Making Asynchronous Programming Great Again
  8. Best Practices for the Android, JUnit, and JVM UI Frameworks
  9. Miscellaneous
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