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LDAP Programming, Management, and Integration

Focusing on the practical application of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, this tutorial is geared toward IS professionals and software developers who are responsible for getting the maximum potential from their directories by integrating them with existing processes and applications. As the Internet standard for directory services, LDAP is accepted as a critical service and is poised to become an important means of remote information access. Numerous examples demonstrate the best techniques for managing directory data in a network environment. Fundamentals of LDAP design and integration with applications, including messaging, XML, and security services, are provided with examples in Java.

This book will help you understand and use the most important directory services—
those based on the leading industry standards—without having to read the many esoteric
standards documents available on the Web. I am tempted to start the book with
a motivating example from my experience to explain why directory services are so
important and why you should read this book from cover to cover, but I will resist.
There is no need to tell a story from my experience, because I can tell a story from
your experience. Every single one of you has had experience with directory services,
whether you know it or not.

Did you log in to a computer today? When the computer checked your password,
it was probably using a directory service.

Do you use a personalized start page, such as Netscape Netcenter? If so, your preferences
and login information were found in a directory service and used to customize
your experience.

Have you ever looked up the email addresses of long-lost friends on the Internet,
or located the telephone number of the woman in receiving who can track down your
lost package? Both of these tasks are also common uses for directories.
However, you don’t need to learn how to type someone’s name into a search
engine or enter your password. What you do need to learn, and what this book will
teach you, is how to apply the standards that make directory services accessible over
computer networks ranging from the Internet to your corporate intranet to business
partners’ extranets.
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