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Lean Auditing: Driving Added Value and Efficiency in Internal Audit


"How can you argue with the core principles of Lean, that you focuson what provides value to your customer and eliminate work that isnot necessary (muda)? Internal auditors need to understandnot  only who their primary customers are, but what isvaluable to them - which in most cases is assurance that the risksthat matter to the achievement of objectives are properly managed.We need to communicate what they need to know and not what we wantto say. This incessant focus on the customer and the efficientproduction of a valued product should extend to every internalaudit team. How else can we ensure that we optimize the use of ourlimited resources to address the dynamic business and riskenvironment within which our organizations operate?"

Norman Marks, GRC Thought Leader

Using lean techniques to enhance value add and reduce waste ininternal auditing

Lean Auditing is a practical guide to maximising valueand efficiency in internal audit through the application of leantechniques. It is an ideal book for anyone interested inunderstanding what progressive, value adding audit can be like. Itis also ideal for anyone wondering whether audit activities can bestreamlined or better co-ordinated with other activities.

The book contains practical advise from the author's experienceas CAE of AstraZeneca PLC; from his work as a consultantspecializing in this field; as well as insights from leading CAEsin the UK, US and elsewhere. In addition, there are importantinsights from thought leaders such as Richard Chambers (IIA US) andNorman Marks (GRC thought leader) and Chris Baker (TechnicalManager of the IIA UK).

Increasing pressure on resources is driving a need for greaterefficiency in all areas of business, and Internal Audit is noexception. Lean techniques can help streamline the workflow, buthaving only recently been applied to IA, lack the guidanceavailable for other techniques. Lean Auditing fills thisneed by combining expert instruction and actionable advice thathelps Internal Auditors:

  • Benchmark their efficiency against lean ways of working
  • Understand warning signs of waste and lower added value
  • Understanding practical ways of working that improve addedvalue and reduce waste
  • Gain confidence about progressive ways of working in internalaudit
  • Understand how improved ways of working in audit can positivelyimpact the culture of the wider organization

One of the keys to the lean audit is finding out exactly whatthe stakeholder wants, and eliminating everything else. Scalingback certain operations can delineate audit from advisory, and inthe process, dramatically improve crucial outcomes. To this end,Lean Auditing is the key to IA efficiency.

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