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Learn Adobe Photoshop CC for Visual Communication: Adobe Certified Associate Exam Preparation (Adobe Certified Associate (ACA))


As the most popular image-editing application on the market today, Adobe Photoshop is an indispensable part of any creative designer's toolkit. Mastering Photoshop for photo retouching or general design work should be the first step on your path to a career in the visual design field. Learn Adobe Photoshop CC by building cool creative projects that teach you how to:

  • Fix common problems with photographs
  • Colorize black and white photos
  • Design eye-catching invitations and fliers
  • Create fantastic composite images by combining elements from different photos
  • Design your own wallpaper for your computer or phone

This study guide uses 8 hours of video integrated with text to help you gain realworld skills that will get you started in your career in visual design using Adobe Photoshop CC. It lays the foundation for taking the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification exam and helps prepare you for an entry-level position in a competitive job market.

Purchasing this book gives you access to valuable online extras. Follow the instructions in the book's "Getting Started" section to unlock access to:

  • The Web Edition containing instructional video embedded in the complete text of the book with interactive review questions along with product updates
  • Downloadable lesson files you need to work through the projects
You can also use the following URL to the Brainbuffet page for the series, which includes a video at the top of the page to help you set up your digital access to the video and resource files:  brainbuffet.com/peachpit/
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