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Learn ARCore - Fundamentals of Google ARCore: Learn to build augmented reality apps for Android, Unity, and the web with Google ARCore 1.0


Create next-generation Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality apps with the latest version of Google ARCore

Key Features

  • Harness the power of the Google's new augmented reality (AR) platform ARCore to build cutting-edge Augmented reality apps
  • Learn core concepts of Environmental Understanding, Immersive Computing, and Motion Tracking with ARCore
  • Extend your application by combining ARCore with OpenGL, Machine Learning and more.

Book Description

Are you a mobile developer or web developer who wants to create immersive and cool Augmented Reality apps with the latest Google ARCore platform? If so, this book will help you jump right into developing with ARCore and will help you create a step by step AR app easily.

This book will teach you how to implement the core features of ARCore starting from the fundamentals of 3D rendering to more advanced concepts such as lighting, shaders, Machine Learning, and others.

We'll begin with the basics of building a project on three platforms: web, Android, and Unity. Next, we'll go through the ARCore concepts of motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation. For each core concept, you'll work on a practical project to use and extend the ARCore feature, from learning the basics of 3D rendering and lighting to exploring more advanced concepts.

You'll write custom shaders to light virtual objects in AR, then build a neural network to recognize the environment and explore even grander applications by using ARCore in mixed reality. At the end of the book, you'll see how to implement motion tracking and environment learning, create animations and sounds, generate virtual characters, and simulate them on your screen.

What you will learn

  • Build and deploy your Augmented Reality app to the Android, Web, and Unity platforms
  • Implement ARCore to identify and visualize objects as point clouds, planes, surfaces, and/or meshes
  • Explore advanced concepts of environmental understanding using Google ARCore and OpenGL ES with Java
  • Create light levels from ARCore and create a C# script to watch and propagate lighting changes in a scene
  • Develop graphics shaders that react to changes in lighting and map the environment to place objects in Unity/C#
  • Integrate motion tracking with the Web ARCore API and Google Street View to create a combined AR/VR experience

Who This Book Is For

This book is for web and mobile developers who have broad programming knowledge on Java or JavaScript or C# and want to develop Augmented Reality applications with Google ArCore. To follow this book no prior experience with AR development, 3D, or 3D math experience is needed.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. ARCore on Android
  3. ARCore on Unity
  4. ARCore on the Web
  5. Real-World Motion Tracking
  6. Understanding the Environment
  7. Light Estimation
  8. Recognizing the Environment
  9. Blending Light for Architectural Design
  10. Mixing in Mixed Reality
  11. Performance Tips and Troubleshooting
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