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Learn iOS 11 Programming with Swift 4 - Second Edition: Learn the fundamentals of iOS app development with Swift 4 and Xcode 9


Begin your iOS development journey using Swift 4 and XCode 9 with this easy to learn, practical guide.

Key Features

  • Explore the latest features of iOS 11 and Swift 4 to build robust applications
  • Kickstart your iOS development career by building your first application from scratch
  • Manage databases and integrate standard elements such as photos and GPS into your app

Book Description

You want to build iOS applications but where do you start? Forget sifting through tutorials and blog posts, this book is a direct route into iOS development, taking you through the basics and showing you how to put the principles into practice. So take advantage of this developer-friendly guide and start building applications that may just take the App Store by storm!

Whether you're an experienced programmer or a complete novice, this book guides you through every facet of iOS development. From Xcode and Swift, the building blocks of modern iOS development, you'll quickly gain a solid foundation to begin venturing deeper into your development journey. Experienced programmers can jump right in and learn the latest iOS 11 features.

You'll also learn advanced topics of iOS design, such as gestures and animations, to give your app the edge. Explore the latest developments in Swift 4 and iOS 11 by incorporating new features, custom-rich notifications, drag and drop features, and the latest developments in SiriKit. With further guidance on beta testing with TestFlight, you'll quickly learn everything you need to get your project on the App Store!

What you will learn

  • Get to grips with Swift 4 and Xcode 9, the building blocks of Apple development
  • Get to know the fundamentals of Swift 4, including strings, variables, constants, and control flow
  • Discover the distinctive design principles that define the iOS user experience
  • Build a responsive UI and add privacy to your custom-rich notifications
  • Preserve data and manipulate images with filters and effects
  • Bring in SiriKit to create payment requests inside your app
  • Collect valuable feedback with TestFlight before you release your apps on the App Store

Who This Book Is For

This book is for beginners who want to be able to create iOS applications. You do not need any knowledge of Swift or any prior programming experience. However, if you have some programming experience, this book is a great way to get a full understanding of how to create an iOS application from scratch and submit it to the App Store

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Familiar with Xcode
  2. Starting the Swift Foundation
  3. Building on the Swift Foundation
  4. Digging Deeper into Swift
  5. Digging into Swift Collections
  6. Starting the UI Setup
  7. Setting up the Basic Structure
  8. Building out our App Structure in Storyboard
  9. Finishing up our App Structure in Storyboard
  10. Designing Cells
  11. Designing Static Tables
  12. Designing a Photo Filter and Review Form
  13. Getting Started with the Grid
  14. Getting Data into our Grid
  15. Getting Started with the List
  16. Where Are We?
  17. Working with an API
  18. Displaying Data in Restaurant Detail
  19. Foodie Reviews
  20. Working with Photo Filters
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