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Learn JavaScript

Learn JavaScript, 9781556228568 (1556228562), Wordware Publishing, 2001
This book assumes you have absolutely no prior knowledge of JavaScript. A
basic working knowledge of HTML is preferred but not essential. The first
two chapters provide a basic introduction on HTML and JavaScript. The rest of
the book takes you step by step through the process of building an actual web
site using both HTML and JavaScript. However, the main emphasis of this
book is teaching you JavaScript. After Chapter 1, “HTML Primer,” all HTML
is simply shown to provide context for the JavaScript, and an explanation for
the HTML code is not usually given. However, only standard HTML techniques
are used and the code is presented in a very organized manner so that
anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML can easily follow along.

As each new concept is introduced, I will first explain the concept in a generic
context and then I will show how it applies specifically to the web site we are
building. In this way, you will get both the concept and the application.
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