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Learning Android Intents

Learning Android Intents, 9781783289639 (1783289635), Packt Publishing, 2014

If you already know at least the basics of Android, this is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and acquire a deep understanding of Android Intents, allowing you to develop apps faster and more effectively.


  • Understand Android Intents to make application development quicker and easier
  • Categorize and implement various kinds of Intents in your application
  • Perform data manipulation within Android applications

In Detail

Android is an emerging technology with loads of apps in the Google Play Market. Till date, it is the biggest marvel in Smartphone technology, propelling a larger number of developers into Android application development. Intent is an essential part of any Android Application and no Android application is complete without using them. Features such as listening broadcasts, sending messages, sharing via social networks, notifications, hardware components including camera, sensors, Wi-Fi, and more, can be used in your applications by using Intents.

This practical guide focuses on using intents to make the best use of various features of Android platform. It is ideal for those developers who want to understand the backbone and the domain of Android Intents, its power, and the need for it inside an Android application. Practical, in-depth examples are used throughout the book, to help you understand the key concepts.

The book starts with introducing the very basic concepts of Android, and its various facts and figures such as different Android versions, their release dates, evolution of Android phones and so on. While covering the basic technical concepts, it proceeds from the easiest route of introducing Android Intents towards the more practical view of Android Intents in terms of components and features.

You will learn how to use different components and features such as transfer data between activities, invoke various features and components of Android, execute different in-built and custom-made services, use hardware and software components of Android device, and start Pending Intents & notifications. You will gain better theoretical knowledge of what is running behind the concepts of Android Intents, and practical knowledge of the mobile-efficient ways to perform a certain task using Android Intents.

Towards the end, you will have a clear vision and a practical grip on Android intents and its features. Learning Android Intents is a proper guide to give you the best knowledge of Intents.

What you will learn from this book

  • Understand Android Intents and their importance in Android apps
  • Get to grips with the different types of Intents and their implementation
  • Discover data transfer methods in Android Intents along with their optimization and performance comparisons
  • Explore the implementation of Intents while invoking Android Features in an application.
  • Use Intent Filters and their sub-domains in order to perform various actions and sorting categories in Android Intents
  • Catch different events while working with Broadcast Receiver and perform various actions
  • Implement pending Intents and Intent Service, sending text to the Notification Panel, and much more


The book will take an easy-to-follow and engaging tutorial approach, providing a practical and comprehensive way to learn Android intents.

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