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Learning Heroku Postgres

Learning Heroku Postgres, 9781782173458 (1782173455), Packt Publishing, 2015

Efficiently design, implement, and manage a successful PostgreSQL database with Heroku

About This Book

  • Manage and optimize your PostgreSQL database with Heroku Postgres
  • Secure your database with rollback, followers and forks functionalities
  • A step-by-step tutorial with examples to help you get to grips with proficiency in Heroku Postgres database

Who This Book Is For

Learning Heroku Postgres is targeted at developers and database admins. Even if you're new to Heroku Postgres, you'll be able to master both the basic as well as advanced features of Heroku Postgres. Since Heroku Postgres is incredibly user-friendly, no previous experience in computer coding or programming is required.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduce yourself to the inner workings of Heroku Postgres
  • Deploy your first application with Heroku using the Heroku Toolbelt
  • Work with permission levels to connect your database with a number of programming languages
  • Secure your database using Postgres backups
  • Interact with your data and share it with Dataclips
  • Manage your data loss by performing rollbacks and working with followers and forks
  • Identify common errors by analyzing logs and viewing metrics
  • Add functionalities to your database with extensions such as PostGIS and Full Text Search Dictionaries

In Detail

This book establishes a good learning mechanism by initially covering simple topics such as Heroku Toolbelt before moving on to complex topics such as data caching and tuning and PostGIS.

The book begins by giving you an introduction to the working of Heroku Postgres. This is followed by an overview of the PostgreSQL add-on, using which you'll create your first database and connect it using various programming languages such as Java, Ruby, Python, and Node.js. You will then look at securing your data, monitoring, working with permissions, and generating backups along with database rollbacks, followers, and forks to manage any loss in your data. Finally, you will improve the performance of your database by diving into log statements and understand how to avoid common mistakes.

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