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Learning Ionic - Build Hybrid Mobile Applications with HTML5


Key Features

  • Create hybrid mobile applications by combining the capabilities of Ionic, Cordova, and AngularJS
  • Reduce the time to market your application using Ionic, that helps in rapid application development
  • Detailed code examples and explanations, helping you get up and running with Ionic quickly and easily

Book Description

With the growth of the start-up market, the time it takes to market your app ideas is crucial. Developing apps using each platform specific format is time consuming and will put you behind in the rat race. Enter the hybrid mobile space: using knowledge of web technologies, one can transform their ideas into complete apps in no time and distribute them to a wide market of people.

Apps developed using web technologies need to have a robust, testable, and scalable client side JavaScript framework. This is where a beautiful CSS framework named Ionic meets AngularJS to provide an elegant, robust, testable, and scalable framework enabling the building of hybrid mobile apps.

With this book, you will learn hybrid mobile application development using Ionic. This book uses Cordova 5.0.0, Ionic CLI 1.5.0 & Ionic 1.0.0 to explain the concepts and build apps.

To begin with, the book helps you understand where Ionic fits in today's world. Then you will deep dive into Ionic CSS components, Ionic-Angular directives, and services. You will also examine theming Ionic apps using the built in SCSS setup.

Next, you will learn to build an Ionic client for a secure REST API, where you will implement user authentication and token-based development. Cordova and ngCordova will be explored and you will learn how you can integrate device specific features like a camera and Bluetooth with an Ionic app. You will wrap up the book by building a messaging app, which will deal with integrating REST API as well as device features.

By the end of this book you will be able to develop a hybrid mobile application from start to finish.

What you will learn

About the Author

Arvind Ravulavaru is a full stack consultant with over 6 years of experience in software development. For the last 2 years, Arvind has been working extensively on JavaScript, both on the server and client side. Before that, Arvind worked on Big Data Analytics, Cloud provisioning, and orchestration. Arvind has good experience on various databases and also has developed and architected applications built using Java - Struts & Spring, ASP .NET - MVC3, MVC4.

Table of Contents

  • Learn how a hybrid mobile application works
  • Familiarize yourself with Cordova and see how it fits into hybrid mobile application development
  • Seamlessly work with Ionic CSS components and Ionic-Angular JavaScript components like directives and services
  • Learn how to theme Ionic apps, as well as customize components using Ionic SCSS support
  • Develop an app that builds a client for a Secure REST API using Ionic & Angular
  • Develop a real-time chat app using Firebase, that consumes ngCordova
  • Learn how to generate a device specific installer for an Ionic app using Ionic CLI as well as Ionic Cloud services
    1. Ionic â Powered by Angularjs
    2. Welcome to Ionic
    3. Ionic CSS Components and Navigation
    4. Ionic and SCSS
    5. Ionic Directives and Services
    6. Building a Bookstore App
    7. Cordova and NgCordova
    8. Building a Messaging App
    9. Releasing the Ionic App
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