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Learning SAP Analytics Cloud

Learning SAP Analytics Cloud, 9781788290883 (1788290887), Packt Publishing, 2017

Key Features

  • Predict new opportunities and risks in a few mouse clicks
  • Eliminate complexity with tools that let you plan, analyze, and collaborate in context—in real time
  • Discover, visualize, plan, and predict in a single product with agile BI tools

Book Description

The book starts with the basics of SAP Analytics Cloud (formerly known as SAP BusinessObjects Cloud) and exposes almost every significant feature a beginner needs to master. Packed with illustrations and short, essential, to-the-point descriptions, the book provides a unique learning experience. Your journey of exploration starts with a basic introduction to the SAP Analytics Cloud platform. You will then learn about different segments of the product, such as Models, Stories, Digital Boardroom, and so on. Then, you are introduced to the product's interface: the Home screen, the main menu, and more. Then comes the hands-on aspect of the book, which starts with model creation. Next, you learn how to utilize a model to prepare different types of stories(reports) with the help of charts, tables, Geo Maps, and more. In the final chapters of this book, you will learn about Digital Boardroom, Collaboration, and Administration.

What you will learn

  • A clear understanding of SAP Analytics Cloud platform
  • Create data models using different data sources, including Excel and text files .
  • Present professional analyses using different types of charts, tables, geo maps, and more
  • Using stories, drill up and down instantly to analyze data from various angles
  • Share completed stories with other team members or compile them in SAP Digital Boardroom agendas for presentation to major stakeholders
  • Export the results of a story to a PDF file
  • Save time by planning, analyzing, predicting, and collaborating in context
  • Discover, visualize, plan, and predict in one product as opposed to separate solutions

About the Author

Riaz Ahmed is an IT professional with more than 25 years of experience in the field. He started his career in the early 1990s as a programmer and has been employed in a wide variety of information technology positions, including analyst programmer, system analyst, project manager, data architect, database designer, and senior database administrator. Currently, he is working as the head of IT for a group of companies. His core areas of interest include web-based development technologies, business intelligence, and databases. Riaz possesses extensive experience in database design and development. He has worked intensively with almost all the major RDBMSs in the market today. During his career, he designed and implemented numerous databases for a wide range of applications, including ERP.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects Cloud
  2. Models in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud
  3. Planning Model and Connections
  4. Creating Stories Using Charts
  5. Adding KPIs and Filters to Stories
  6. Analyzing Data using Geo Maps and ScatterPlot Chart
  7. Working with Tables and Applying Ranking
  8. Creating Events and Tasks Workflow with Collaboration Stories
  9. Digital Boardroom
  10. System Administration
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