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Linux All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (Computer/Tech)

8 books in 1— your key to success with Linux!

Your one-stop guide to working with various Linux distributions

Linux is hot! It's cost-effective, secure, and comes in a lot of varieties. And with this book to walk you through it, choosing and using a Linux distribution is time-efficient too. Here's the essential scoop on Fedora Core, SUSE, Debian, Xandros, Knoppix, SimplyMEPIS, and Ubuntu, with information on Firefox, SELinux, and more!

Discover how to

  • Install and configure Linux
  • Work with multimedia and OpenOffice.org
  • Set up a LAN
  • Explore SELinux security features
  • Manage mail and news servers
  • Run Internet and FTP servers
About the Author

Naba Barkakati is an electrical engineer and a successful computer-book author who has experience in a wide variety of systems, ranging from MS-DOS and Windows to UNIX and Linux. He bought his first personal computer — an IBM PC-AT — in 1984 after graduating with a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park. While pursuing a full-time career in engineering, Naba dreamed of writing software for the emerging PC software market. As luck would have it, instead of building a software empire like Microsoft, he ended up writing successful computer books. Currently, Naba is a Senior Level Technologist at the Center for Technology and Engineering in the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).
Over the past 15 years, Naba has written over 25 computer books on a number of topics, ranging from Windows programming with C++ to Linux. He has authored several best-selling titles, such as The Waite Group’s Turbo C++ Bible, Object-Oriented Programming in C++, X Window System Programming, Visual C++ Developer’s Guide, Borland C++ 4 Developer’s Guide, and Linux Secrets. His books have been translated into many languages, including Spanish, French, Polish, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Naba’s most recent book is Red Hat Fedora Linux Secrets, also published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.
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ECAI 2006, 17th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence:  Volume 141 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
ECAI 2006, 17th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Volume 141 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
In the summer of 1956, John McCarthy organized the famous Dartmouth Conference which is now commonly viewed as the founding event for the field of Artificial Intelligence. During the last 50 years, AI has seen a tremendous development and is now a well-established scientific discipline all over the world. Also in Europe AI is in excellent shape, as...
Understanding the Infinite
Understanding the Infinite
In writing this book I have tried to keep mathematical prerequisites to a minimum. The reader who is essentially innocent of mathematical knowledge beyond that taught in high school should be able to read at least halfway through Chapter VIII plus parts of the rest of the book, though such a reader will need to skip the occasional formula. That is...
Adaptive Techniques for Dynamic Processor Optimization: Theory and Practice (Integrated Circuits and Systems)
Adaptive Techniques for Dynamic Processor Optimization: Theory and Practice (Integrated Circuits and Systems)
This book is about various adaptive and dynamic techniques used to optimize processor power and performance.  It is based on a very successful forum at ISSCC which focused on Adaptive Techniques.  Most high performance processors and embedded processors use adaptive techniques to overcome process variation, temperature, and termal...

Ajax Bible
Ajax Bible

Build interactive Web applications with Ajax

Create live searches and online spreadsheets

Discover programming mistakes to avoid!

Create blazing-fast Web applications with powerful Ajax

If you think that mastering Ajax is too difficult, guess again. You can create Web applications that look and feel like desktop...

Concurrent Programming on Windows
Concurrent Programming on Windows

“When you begin using multi-threading throughout an application, the importance of clean architecture and design is critical. . . . This places an emphasis on understanding not only the platform’s capabilities but also emerging best practices. Joe does a great job interspersing best practices alongside theory...

Learn cocos2d Game Development with iOS 5 (Learn Apress)
Learn cocos2d Game Development with iOS 5 (Learn Apress)

Did you ever imagine yourself writing a computer game and being able to make money selling it? With Apple’s iTunes App Store and the accompanying mobile devices iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, it’s now easier than ever. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy— there’s still a lot to learn about game...

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