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Mac OS X Bible, Panther Edition

Mac OS X Bible, Panther Edition, 9780764543999 (0764543997), Visual, 2004

According to popular legend, a Mac is so easy to use that you don’t need to read books about it. Alas, if only that were true. The fact is, to harness all the power of Mac OS X would take a substantial amount of time of exploring and tinkering. The reality is, not everyone has the time, the inclination, or the patience to devote to the mastery of an operating system. Save your time for having fun with games, surfing the Internet, or perhaps getting some work done. Benefit from the experience of others (in this case, we the authors)! Read this book so that you can leverage the full power of OS X without a lot of ambling around the desktop.

You might be under the impression that you don’t need this book because of Apple’s supplied Mac OS X Getting Started Guide and onscreen help. Though these are good sources of information, the Mac OS X Bible Panther Edition contains a great deal of information and how-to that you won’t find anywhere else.

"An indispensable tool for anyone looking to get the most value out of this powerful update to the Mac OS."
—Jason D. O'Grady, Editor, O'Grady's PowerPage

  • Master the latest features of OS X Panther, including Exposé®, FileVault, SafariTM, and iDisk
  • Elevate your photography and video to the next level with digital lifestyle applications
  • Harness the power of Unix® to dramatically improve performance and security

If Mac OS X Panther can do it, you can do it too...

Whether you're new to Mac OS X or a Panther pro, this totally revised and enhanced edition of the classic Mac OS reference gives you everything you need to install and manage the latest version of this highly reliable,versatile, and powerful operating system. From comprehensive installation instructions and tips on how to enhance your workspace to sharing files on a network, surfing the Web at high speed, and editing your own videos, everything you need to master Panther is in this definitive reference!

Inside, you'll f ind complete coverage of Mac OS X Panther

  • Follow the best strategy for installing OS X on your computer
  • Explore the Aqua GUI, interact with window controls, and set up your desktop
  • Connect to the Internet and start surfing with Safari, the fastest browser for the Mac
  • Store and share files over the network while using the latest security tools
  • Talk face-to-face using high quality Internet video conferencing with iChat AV
  • Download and listen to MP3 audio files, shop the iTunes® Music Store, and manage a music library
  • Choose the best utility software to enhance your system
  • Run your older applications in Classic mode and use the new versions of Sherlock® and QuickTime®
  • Tap the power of Unix to develop your own applications and dramatically improve the security of your network
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