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Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed

Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed, 9780672327469 (0672327465), Sams Publishing, 2005

A best-seller that once showed you how to reign in a panther can now show you how to tame a Tiger. Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed is the most comprehensive guide to unlocking the full power of Mac OS X Tiger that you can find. Written by Unix/BSD experts and Mac users, John Ray and William C. Ray, you will go inside the Mac OS X Tiger operating system and the underlying BSD environment. In-depth background coverage and useful hands-on lessons will help you understand the changes with the new version and master the new features. Lessons include:

  • Working with files and applications

  • Running classic Mac OS applications

  • Native utilities and applications

  • Intalling third-party applications

  • Third-party BSD command-line applications

  • Configuring the system using BSD utilities

  • Remote administration

  • Serving a Windows network

  • Routine maintenance

Learn to deal with the most trouble-prone aspects of the Mac OS X Tiger user interface and how to exploit the new features to get the most out of your system with Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed.

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Mastering Autodesk Maya 2016: Autodesk Official Press
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Validation of Telecom Systems with SDL
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Software Testing using Visual Studio 2012

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Fast Track Visual C++(r) 6.0 Programming
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