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Macs For Dummies (Computer/Tech)

Macs For Dummies (Computer/Tech), 9780470278178 (047027817X), For Dummies, 2008
Welcome to the wonderful world of Mac! Here's the fun and easy way® to get going

Simply Mac-nificent — all the cool things your Mac can do! This handy guide helps you figure out the nuts and bolts of your Mac. Navigate the Mac desktop, back up your computer via Time Machine, e-mail photos to friends and family, shoot an iMovie, survive in a Windows world, and more. The fun begins right here.

  • Pick a Mac, not just any Mac — compare the different desktop and laptop models to choose your perfect match

  • The basic tour — find your way around the Mac interface, understand icons, folders, and windows, and master the mouse controls

  • Tame your feline — make friends with Mac OS X, fiddle with Dashboard widgets, and manage clutter with Exposé and Spaces

  • O is for online — get connected, start a Web-browsing Safari®, use e-mail and iChat®, and shop online

  • Stay in sync — join MobileMe and take advantage of me.com e-mail, iDisk backups, Gallery, contacts, calendar, and more

  • Get an iLife — explore all that iTunes® offers, process digital photos with iPhoto®, make iMovies, and have fun with GarageBand®

  • Boot Camp — discover how to install and run Windows on your Mac and start up your Mac using either operating system

Open the book and find:

  • How to set up user accounts and configure your Mac

  • Tips for getting around on the Mac desktop

  • Details about the free programs that come with your Mac, including the iLife suite

  • Suggestions for exploring blogs and social networking sites

  • How to find and buy music online and burn music to CDs

  • Steps for networking your Macs

  • How to run Windows® on your Mac

  • Troubleshooting tips for cranky Macs

About the Author

Edward C. Baig is the Personal Technology columnist for USA TODAY and is the cohost of USA TODAY's weekly "Talking Tech" podcast. He contributes other tech-related features, appears on radio and TV, and often moderates technology panels at trade shows. Ed is also the coauthor of iPhone For Dummies.

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